CB PNI Escort HP 9700 USB, ANC, ASQ radio station, 12V / 24V power supply, cigarette lighter plug included

CB CRT 2000H radio station

CB CRT 2000H radio station, 4W, AM / FM, 12V, ASQ, Scan, Color display, programmable

CB PNI Escort HP 8900 ASQ radio station, 12V / 24V, RF Gain, Roger Beep, CTCSS-DCS, Dual Watch AM / FM switched only in the EU band

CB PNI Escort HP 8900 radio station with CTCSS-DCS and additional settings menu. Headphone connector 1 pin.
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CB radio station PNI Escort HP 8900 ASQ, 12V

Multi-norm CB radio station

By changing the norm, the procedure is easy to execute with a simple combination of keys, and by changing the modulation (AM/FM) depending on the norm, the PNI Escort HP 8900 CB radio station can be used in several countries in Europe, such as Romania, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, etc. Consult the legislation of each country regarding the use of the CB band, the maximum allowed emission power and the need or not to hold a license before using the PNI station.

Noise control functions: SQ, ASQ and RF Gain

The PNI Escort HP 8900 CB radio station allows the most faithful control over the background noise specific to the CB band. The 28-level adjustable SQ and 9-level adjustable ASQ function allow the user to filter and eliminate noises making communication clearer. The RF Gain function on 9 levels allows control over the reception frequency, reducing distortions.

CB radio station PNI Escort HP 8900 ASQ, 12V

CB radio station PNI Escort HP 8900 ASQ, 12V

1.77" color screen

The large color LCD screen (1.77 inches) displays information such as the current channel, frequency, modulation, signal strength (RX/TX), rate and active functions, being a reliable indicator of the station's operating status.

Additional settings menu

The MENU key on the front panel of the station allows direct access to the additional settings menu: screen brightness, key sound, automatic start, as well as activation, deactivation and setting of functions such as TOT, RF Gain, Noise Blanker, Roger Beep and CTCSS /DCS.

CB radio station PNI Escort HP 9700 USB ANC ASQ

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CB radio PNI Escort 8900 , 12V 24V, RF Gain, CTCSS DCS, Dual Watch UK

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Product identification
Producer PNI
Product code PNI-HP8900
Product type CB radio station
General characteristics
Model Portable
Emission band type AM/FM
channels 40
Frequency 26.965 - 27.405 MHz
Microphone type (pins) 6 pins
Speaker audio power 3 W
Sensitivity (20dB SINAD) 0.25 µV @ 12 dB SINAD
Emission power 4 W
EEPROM memory Yes
feeding 12 V / 24 V
Absorbed current 122 x 130 x 37 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D / Weight) 660 g
1DIN assembly Yes
Special features
Dual Watch Yes
Channel scan Yes
RF Gain Yes, 9 levels
Lock the keyboard Yes
Adjustable ASQ Yes, on 9 levels
Emergency channels Yes
Roger Beep Yes
Noise filter NB (Noise Blanker) / HI CUT
Multicolor screen Yes, blue
Memory channels Yes
SWR meter Not
CTCSS / DCS (coder/decoder) Yes
Manual squelch Yes, 28 levels
and meter Yes
Accessory connection 1 pin plug
TOT (Time out Timer) Yes
Operating temperature -26°C ~ +80°C
Key sound Yes
Automatic start Yes
Display type LCD
Channel monitoring Yes
Display Yes
Use, destination In the car, truck or at home
Rear panel connections
Additional speaker connection Yes
Headphone connection Yes, 1 pin
The package contains
Radio station Yes
Microphone Yes
Support and screws for holding the radio station Yes
Microphone support and screws Yes
Power cord Yes
Cigarette lighter plug Yes
User manual Yes

Lang Type Name Link
EU Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity EN-BG-DE-ES-FR-HU-IT-PL-RO Link
EU10 User manual User manual EU10 Link