CB PNI Escort HP 8900 ASQ radio station

CB PNI Escort HP 8900 ASQ radio station, 12V / 24V, RF Gain, Roger Beep, CTCSS-DCS, Dual Watch AM / FM switched only in the EU band


PNI Escort HP 62 portable CB radio station with BNC antenna and battery holder

CB CRT 2000H radio station, 4W, AM / FM, 12V, ASQ, Scan, Color display, programmable

CB CRT 2000H radio station, 4W, AM / FM, 12V, ASQ, Scan, Color display, programmable
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color display

Genre screen

The new CB CRT 2000H radio station is highlighted by a very generous color display. In addition, its size of 124 x 163 x 39 mm is a transformer into a station easy to place anywhere in the car.

A very quiet road

Thanks to the NB (Noise Blanker) filter, the CB CRT 2000H station offers a background noise reduction of over 90%.

The station becomes perfect by using ASQ (Automatic Squelch) technology in very crowded areas, automatically eliminating unwanted noises and filtering low-quality signals with the strongest and clearest playback.

noise filter


4W emission power

The station complies with the legislation in force in Romania harmonized with European norms, having a maximum legal power of 4 W.

The CRT CB 2000 radio station allows you to communicate in both types of bands: AM and FM.

Technical specifications

The main features are:
Large color TFT screen.
Multi-band AM / FM station, Dual Watch, Automatic multi-level adjustable Squelch, RF-gain, Scan, Microphone with RJ45 connector and Up / Down buttons, 3.5mm Jack Output for connecting an external speaker.



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Product identification
Product code PNI-CRT2000H
Producer No.
General characteristics
Model Furniture
Transmission band type AM / FM
channels 40
Frequency 26,965 - 27,405 MHz
Microphone type (pins) RJ45
Audio speaker power 3 W
Emission power 4 W
feeding 12 V
Dimensions (W x H x H / Weight) 120 X 150 X 36 mm
Special features
Dual Watch Yes
Scan channel Yes
RF Gain Yes
Noise filter NB (Noise Blanker) and ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter)
Channel memory 8 channels
programmable Yes
CTCSS / DCS (encoder / decoder) Yes
DTMF (encoder) Yes
Digital automatic squelch (ASQ) Yes
Manual squelch Yes
TOT (Time out Timer) Yes
Operating temperature -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Key illumination
display LCD
Rear panel connections
Additional speaker connection Yes
The package contains
Radio station Yes
Microphone Yes
Radio station mounting bracket and screws Yes
Microphone holder and screws Yes
Power cord Yes
User manual Yes

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EN User manual Manual de utilizare EN Link
RO User manual Manual de utilizare RO Link