CB-PNI-Escort-port HP-62

Portable CB radio station PNI Escort HP 62, multi standard, 4W, 12V, AM-FM, 5-level adjustable ASQ, 9-level RF gain, Dual Watch, Scan, Lock

CB PNI Escort HP 6500 radio station

PNI Escort HP 6500 CB radio station, multistandard, 4W, AM-FM, 12V, ASQ, RF Gain, cigarette lighter plug included AM/FM switch only in the EU band

CB radio station PNI Escort HP 9500 multistandard, front speaker, ASQ, VOX, Scan, 4W, AM-FM, power supply 12V - 24V, cigarette lighter plug included

CB radio station with dual 12V/24V power supply, adjustable automatic squelch, cigarette lighter socket included.
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PNI Escort HP 9500 CB radio station

An excellent product equipped with everything needed to communicate in the CB band

PNI Escort HP 9500 is a reliable CB station that ensures clear communication over long distances. With operation on AM and FM, multi-standard, automatic squelch on 5 levels and adjustable squelch, large multicolor illuminated screen, HP 9500 is equipped with all the basic functions necessary for communication in the CB band. On the front panel it has a 2-pin Kenwood type connector for using the station in hands-free mode.

Multi-band CB station

CB station PNI Escort HP 9500 allows communication in the main European frequency bands. Set the norm corresponding to the country you are in by simply pressing the MODE/BAND key. The selected band (UK, EU, DE) will be displayed on the screen for the entire duration of using the station.

PNI Escort HP 9500 CB radio station

PNI Escort HP 9500 CB radio station

Ultra-compact design, front speaker, 1 DIN mounting

PNI Escort HP 9500 has a robust, compact design, making this station easy to place in any space in the car. The package includes the 1 DIN case for mounting the station in the car. HP 9500 is a reliable companion for drivers of cars, trailers and trucks.

Cigarette lighter plug included

The CB PNI Escort HP 9500 station is powered at a voltage of 12V or 24V . The detachable power cord and lighter plug required for power supply are included in the package.

PNI Escort HP 9500 CB radio station

Video presentation

Headphone with microphone and acoustic tube PNI HS84 with 2 pins UK

PNI HS82 2 pin microphone headset with PNI K plug UK

CB PNI Escort station HP 9500 ENG

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Product identification
Producer PNI
Product code PNI-HP9500
Product type CB radio station
General characteristics
Model Portable
Emission band type AM/FM
channels 80 AM/FM
Frequency 26.965 - 27.405 MHz
Microphone type (pins) 6 pins
Speaker audio power 3 W
Sensitivity (20dB SINAD) 0.5μV (AM), 0.25μV@12Db(FM)
Audio signal distortion less than 5% @ 1KHz
Emission power 4 W
Modulation 2 KHz ±0.2%KHz(FM)
EEPROM memory Yes
feeding 12 V / 24 V
Absorbed current max. 1.8A
Dimensions (W x H x D / Weight) 187 x 56 x 85mm / 786g
1DIN assembly Yes
Special features
Channel scan Yes
ASQ Yes, 5 levels
Lock the keyboard Yes
ASQ adjustable Yes
Emergency channels Yes
Multicolor screen Yes, blue, red, cool green, purple, cyan, warm green, light blue
Manual squelch Yes
Accessory connection 2-pin PNI-K plug
Operating temperature -26°C ~ +80°C
Dim Yes
Display Yes
Rear panel connections
Additional speaker connection Yes
Front panel connections
2 pin jack Yes
The package contains
Radio station Yes
Microphone Yes
Support and screws for holding the radio station Yes
Microphone support and screws Yes
Power cord Yes
Cigarette lighter plug Yes
User manual Yes
Yawn Yes, with 2 pins
1DIN mounting case Yes
Mounting case Yes

Lang Type Name Link
EU10 Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity Link
EU10 User manual User manual EU10 Link