BNC mother adapter - BNC mother PNI AS010

PNI 1x5 splitter for DVR power supply

PNI 1x5 splitter for DVR power supply and surveillance cameras

BNC connector PNI AS011, male

BNC connector for coaxial cable
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BNC connector PNI AS011

BNC connector PNI AS011

Connection plugs are used to make the connection between the components of a surveillance system. For the coaxial cable, special BNC or RCA plugs are needed for the type of cable (RG59, RG6, etc.), which in turn can be: BNC plug with crimp, RCA plug with crimp, BNC plug with thread, RCA plug with thread, BNC plug with soldering, RCA plug with soldering, etc. For the FTP or UTP cable, impedance adapters called video baluns are used, which can be passive or active. For the connectors used outside, we recommend the use of outdoor boxes to isolate them from rain and high humidity.

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