CRT S Mini

CB CRT S Mini 2, 4W radio station, with ASQ, 12V, RF Gain, AM-FM

CRT SS 7900

Radio amateur station CRT SS 7900 CB, SSB, AM, FM, LSB, USB, SSB 28-29.7Mhz, ASQ, RF Gain, Roger Beep, 12V, CTCSS, DCS, programmable

Wireless CB PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ Power Supply 12V-24V + PNI HF11 Headset with 1 pin

CB radio station and 1-pin helmet.
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Dual power 12V-24V DC

Radio Station CB PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ Adjustable

CB PNI Radio Station The HP 8024 Escort can be mounted on both 12V and 24V power trucks or trucks.

ASQ Adjustable

An innovation in the CB segment, the adjustable squelch (ASQ), offers the ultimate in comfort even for the most demanding CB CB radio station users. If until now we were accustomed to activating / deactivating the ASQ, now PNI brings its adjustment function, which allows the removal of up to 100% of interference, background noise and CB bandwidth.

Radio Station CB PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ Adjustable

ASQ button on microphone

Radio station CB PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ reglabi

For enhanced steering comfort, PNI has positioned the automatic squelch (ASQ) on / off switch on the microphone. In addition, we find the up / down buttons to change the channels.

Key lock switch

CB PNI Escort CB 8024 has a switch on the front panel that allows you to select the Emergency Channel (19), Normal Mode (CH), and Activate Key Lock (L), a useful function in situations where you want to avoid touching accidental keys of the station.

CB radio button lock switch

Reduced dimensions

Wireless CB PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ Dimensions

You can use the product in any car because it is one of the smallest CB radio stations on the market. Robust and well-liked design, can be placed in any location: armrest, board, between chairs without uncomfortable or disturbing.

Acoustic tube

The helmet is equipped with a flexible rubber acoustic tube that provides increased comfort and much greater mobility, eliminating the risk of straining the cord to repeated head movements. In addition, the In Ear system provides clear, powerful sound, eliminating background noise.

acoustic tube

1 pin jack

connection socket

The helmet has a 3.5mm pin connection jack which makes it compatible with almost all mobile CB models, such as PNI, Midland, Albrecht or TTI.

Ear reserve

The helmet comes with a useful earpiece for many users or if the initial one has deteriorated.

ear reserve

Flexible and extensible cable

cable length

The length of the cable is 90cm, but it can extend up to 130cm to give you freedom of movement.

Video presentation

CB PNI Escorta HP 8024 ASQ

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Product Identification
Manufacturer PNI
General characteristics
Model Furniture
Broadcasting type AM / FM
channels 40
Frequency 26.965 - 27.405 MHz
Microphone type (pins) 6 pins
Audio signal distortion less than 8% @ 1KHz
Emission power 4 W +
Modulation FM: 3KHz ± 0.2KHz, AM: 85-90%
feeding 12 V / 24 V
Current absorbed 2A
Dimensions (L x H x D / Weight) 115 x 36 x 152 mm / 0.8 kg
Special features
Keypad lock Yes
ASQ adjustable Yes
Emergency channel button Yes
Rear panel connections
Additional speaker connection Yes
The package contains
Radio station Yes
Microphone Yes
Support and radio fastener screws Yes
Support and microphone grip screws Yes
Power cord Yes
Lighter jack plug Yes
User manual Yes
Yawn Yes

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