PNI Smart Dongle-WLAN

PNI Smart Dongle-WLAN for Internet monitoring WiFi solar inverter SC1800C PRO manufactured 2023

Photovoltaic kit with 4 panels 370W

Photovoltaic kit with 4 panels 370W monocrystalline, 120 cells, 11A, includes set of connectors, solar cable, mounting accessories, solar inverter and WLAN Dongle

Solar inverter PNI GreenHouse SC1800C PRO 3KW 13A 3000VA, 24V, MPPT 60A, Off Grid Pure Sine Hybrid

Solar inverter PNI GreenHouse SC1800C PRO 3KW 13A 3000VA, 24V, MPPT 60A, Off Grid Pure Sine Hybrid
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The heart of an Off Grid solar system

The PNI GreenHoue SC1800C PRO solar inverter is the heart of a small solar system for isolated areas with or without electricity such as:

- cabins, gazebos, small camping trailers;

- a stable in the mountains or a seasonal agricultural construction in the field can be useful;

- it can be used including residentially in any house to reduce consumption, respectively the value of the energy bill;

Offering a continuous output power of 3000W with pure sine wave it can be used for all home lighting installation and why not other small motor electronics: refrigerators, pumps, tools, hobby tools, phone chargers, laptop, LCD TV, radio, etc.

A complete photovoltaic system can be composed of:

1. Solar panels;

2. Backup connection to the network (backup);

3. Backup connection to a generator with voltage stabilization (backup);

4. Off Grid solar inverter;

5. Dedicated accumulators for photovoltaic systems;

6. Household consumers;

SC1800C PRO A4-1

Hybrid operating modes, MPPT solar charger, pure sine output

1. 230V pure sine wave output;

2. MPPT solar charger with maximum solar energy charging and conversion efficiency; input voltage from panels: 30 - 120V;

3. Intelligent use of energy: operating mode with priority solar energy consumption; operating mode with priority energy consumption from batteries; operating mode with mains consumption priority (also known as UPS);

4. Intelligent charging of batteries for a long life;

5. Multiple protections for overload, over temperature, short circuit;

Pure Sine Wave is similar/identical to the voltage from the national power grid and can power all types of home appliances and electronics refrigerators, small washing machines, small pump motors, hobby tools, chargers laptop, charging mobile phones, cameras, low-power and fixed-speed motors, printers, car/portable refrigerators (with or without compressor, TVs, VCRs, etc.)

SC1800C PRO A4-4

Illuminated LCD screen and multi-function menu

The PNI GreenHouse SC1800C PRO inverter is equipped with an illuminated LCD screen and a multifunctional menu that provides all the necessary information about the system's operation mode:

- voltage from panels; battery charging voltage;

- DC battery voltage and AC output voltage;

- solar charging power, instantly consumed power;

- priority mode of operation: network, solar, batteries;

- frequency, energy flow, etc.

SC1800C PRO A4-2

The hybrid inverter with multiple safety protections

Like any state-of-the-art performance equipment, this inverter comes with a multitude of protections to avoid failure even when the user makes an operating mistake:

- overload protection;

- short circuit protection;

- battery/accumulator polarity reversal protection;

- deep discharge protection of batteries/accumulators;

Connectivity is a very well highlighted aspect both on the product case and in the documentation to facilitate the installation of the product by any authorized installer:

1. AC 230V input;

2. AC 230V output;

3. inverter start/stop button;

4. AC input protection;

5. 24V battery connection;

6. photovoltaic panel input 30 - 120 V DC;

SC1800C PRO A4-5

PC and optional remote monitoring software

The hybrid inverter and advanced parameters can be monitored and analyzed with dedicated PC software via the USB connection it is equipped with.

For technology enthusiasts, the system also offers the possibility of remote monitoring from the mobile application or web interface with the help of a dedicated PNI Smart Dongle-WLAN that can be purchased separately.

A second advantage of the solar inverter PNI SC1800C PRO is the existence of several connections such as the one for service (COM-RS232-RJ45) and the one for external control with COM-NO-NC relay output.

SC1800C PRO A4-6

Video presentation

Solar Inverter PNI GreenHouse SC1800B 3KW 24V 60A UK

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Maximum input power from photovoltaic panels 2000 W
Maximum input DC voltage from the photovoltaic panels 30 - 120 VDC
Maximum solar charging current 30 A input from panels 60 A output to batteries
Solar charging efficiency 98%
Solar charger type MPPT
Nominal output voltage 230 V
Rated output power 3000 W (ideal conditions)
Maximum apparent power 6000VA (peak, 0.5 seconds)
Output voltage waveform Pure sinusoid
Output signal frequency 50, 60 Hz
AC input voltage 230 V
Connecting to the network (back-up) Yes
Battery 24 V
Compatible batteries AGM, Lead Acid, GEL, Flooded Lithium Ion User defined
Battery supply voltage 24 V
Minimum battery start-up voltage 23 V (cold start voltage)
Integrated inverter type high frequency (switching)
Inverter efficiency 90%
Typical transfer time 10ms(UPS, VDE) 20ms(APL)
Line mode efficiency >95% (Rated R load, battery fully charged)
Hybrid operating modes SBU - Solar / Battery / Uutility Solar Utility (UPS)
AC charging voltage 230 V
Maximum AC charging current 30 A
Functions - Solar automatic switching - Batteries - Network - Energy saver - Multiple protections - Multifunctional screen - Dedicated menu for advanced settings - Monitoring with PC Software (USB cable) - Remote monitoring from mobile / PC (with optional USB WiFi Dongle)
Communications USB - USB PC Software - with optional WiFi Module (purchased separately)
Low battery alarm Yes
Disconnected battery alarm Yes
Overvoltage alarm Yes
AC overload protection Yes
MOUNTING on the wall
Use temperature -26°C ~ +80°C
Dimensions/Weight 350 X 290 X 120 mm 6.9 kg
Standby consumption ≈ 25W (Powersave mode ≈ 12.5W)
The package contains
Solar inverter Yes
Accessory USB cable
User manual Yes

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