PNI VHF285 antenna for taxi 134-174MHz

PNI antenna VHF285 for taxi 134-174MHz, spoke length 128 cm, without cable

UHF antenna PNI UF500

UHF antenna PNI UF500, 63 cm, 430-470 MHz, with cable PNI T941

Sirio HP-2070 VHF / UHF Antenna for Taxi 144/430 MHz 150 / 100W without cable

Sirio HP-2070 VHF / UHF Antenna for Taxi 144/430 MHz 150 / 100W without cable
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Sirio VHF/UHF antenna

Dual-band performance

The performance of the product is closely related to the technical characteristics of the antenna in ideal conditions of installation and use: SWR <= 1.3:1, maximum applied power 150W in VHF and 100W in UHF, impedance 50 Ohms.

The gain of the antenna in VHF is 0 dB ref. λ/4, and in UHF 2 dB ref. λ/4.

Communication distance

The communication distance is another decisive factor in the purchase and use of a VHF/UHF antenna. Thus, the maximum communication distance is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles and optimal climatic conditions. Any obstacle such as: hills, mountains, buildings, walls and the power of the station can significantly reduce the transmission/reception distance.

Sirio VHF/UHF antenna

Sirio VHF/UHF antenna

Antenna length

The length of the antenna is another very important factor that can influence the communication distance. Thus, the longer the antenna, the greater the communication distance / range. The Sirio HP-2070 VHF antenna has a length of 45 cm.


This antenna is ready for mounting on any magnetic base with PL 16mm connector type or on a fixed support.

All that remains is to connect it to a station and calibrate it to use it at maximum performance.

Sirio VHF/UHF antenna

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Product identification
Product code PNI-2210305.05
Antenna type 1/4 λ (VHF) and 5/8 λ (UHF)
Work tape VHF - UHF
General characteristics
Length 45 cm
Working frequency 141-149 MHz / 422-447 MHz
Maximum power applied 150W VHF 100W UHF
Gain (Gain) VHF: 0 dB ref. λ/4 UHF: 2 dB ref. λ/4
Radiation Omni
Connector type PL
Hole diameter 16 mm
Material Stainless steel
Weight 281 g
The package contains
4m RG58 cable with PC plug, Code T633 Not
Plug PL259 Not
Butterfly screw SC 27, Code T441 Not
LC 27 antenna coupling plug, Code T370 Not
Midland FC 27 mount, Code T478 Not
3 dipoles Not
Antenna mounting bracket Not
10 mm metric screw Not

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EN User manual User manual Link
RO User manual Manual utilizare RO Link
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