HiFi650 PNI

Coaxial car speakers PNI HiFi650, 120W, 16.5 cm, 3 ways, grille included set 2 pcs

PNI HiFi500 Coaxial Speakers, 100W, 12.7 cm, 3 ways, set of 2 pcs

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Impeccable sound

With PNI HiFi 500 Coaxial Car Speakers you will get high fidelity for your favorite music. The construction of the 3-way speaker offers a faithful separation of the low to medium and high frequencies and their impeccable playback. The Mylar Dome Tweeter for Medium Frequencies and the Piezo Tweeter for High Frequencies work together for a sound that fills the entire car, staying clear even at high volumes, with high performance power management.
The power of 100W is more than enough for a strong volume in a car.

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With polypropylene

The polypropylene cone and rubber membrane are designed for rigidity and sensitivity, ensuring a strong foundation of low and medium frequencies. The result is a much more robust sound.

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Compatible with any car

PNI HiFi500 Coaxial Car Speakers are designed to fit as many cars as possible, such as Volkswagen, Skoda, Renault or Dacia - all you have to do is check if the HiFi500 speaker size is 127 X 60 X 127 mm. fits in the specially created space of your car.

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Product identification
Producer NIP
Technical specifications
Diameter 5 inches
Power 100W
Frequency response 80 - 20000 Hz
Number of horses 3
Impedance 4 Ohmi
Sensitivity 88 dB
Dimension 127 X 60 X 127 mm
Loud sound speaker 15 mm Piezo Tweeter
Medium sound speaker 30 mm Mylar Dome Tweeter
The package contains
loudspeaker 2
Protection grilles Yes
Wiring assembly Yes

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