Sticky Pad Flag Accessory for mobile devices

Sticky Pad Blue accessory for mobile devices

Sticky Pad Blue accessory for mobile devices
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sticky pad

Sticky Pad special adhesive

The anti-slip holder is a quick and easy way to have your mobile phone close at hand when you're in the car. It is made of a special and very durable material with double anti-slip properties. The holder can also keep other objects such as sunglasses, lighters, keys, headphones or bluetooth devices safe.

Extremely sticky, good for any phone or case

The anti-slip support can be reused countless times, after it loses its anti-slip qualities, the support is washed, put to dry and it will regain its original properties


Sticky pad

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Sticky Pad PNI mobile phone accessory EN

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Product identification
Product code PNI-SPAD-06
Producer PNI
Main features
size 45x45x3 mm
Material Plastic
Color Blue
Compatible Brand Universal

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