PNI SmartHome WS121 Simple Smart Switch for Internet Light Control with Tuya Smart App, Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible

PNI SafeHome PT303 smart triple touch switch

PNI SafeHome PT303 WiFi triple touch smart switch, 10A, internet control, Tuya Smart mobile application, integration in scenarios and smart automation with other compatible products Tuya, Alexa and Google Assistant

PNI SmartHome WS222 Dual Light Switch for Internet Light Control with Tuya Smart App, Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible

PNI SmartHome WS222 double intelligent switch for internet light control compatible with Tuya App or Smart Life and with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Be in step with technology by connecting Wifi 2.4 GHz to the internet source in your location and you can remotely control the lights
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For a safe and smart home


Control from your mobile phone

With the dedicated Tuya Smart (or Smart Life) application, you can also use your phone as a remote control for your smart device, in case you think you forgot the light on. Also, you can schedule the light to turn on/off at whatever time you want and as many times as you want, for example simulating your presence at home.



Integration in scenarios with other Tuya compatible devices

Compatibility with the Tuya Smart application together with other Smart devices or smart household appliances in the home, allows the creation of scenarios and On-Off / If-Then links between them.

Thus, through the dedicated Tuya Smart application, you can create scenarios: turning on some devices, turning off other devices depending on the time period, when you leave or come home or even related to the action of other smart devices.

Smart remote control and voice commands

It is not just a switch because with the help of your smartphone you can configure and use it as a smart switch and you can control it remotely from the dedicated application. We go further and if you connect it from the application with an intelligent service, regardless of whether it is Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you will be able to turn the light on or off with voice commands.


Light pressing

With a single light press at the bottom of the PNI SmartHome WS222 switch button, you can turn on or off the light in the room.

The indicator LED will confirm if the light is off or on, a useful feature when you don't have the switch and the lighting fixture in the same room.



Modern design - magnetic frame

The modern design, the fastening system with screws as standard equipment is completed by an innovative fastening system of the frame, namely: magnetic fastening.

Connections and installation method

The connection of this smart switch requires the presence of a 230V power supply in the device box of the device to be replaced.

To help installers, you can find the connection diagram to the electrical installation of the PNI SmartHome WS222 switch both in the product manual and on the box.

Attention: the assembly must only be carried out by an authorized electrician.


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Product identification
Producer PNI
Product code PNI-WS222
General characteristics
Supply voltage 110-240VAC
Maximum load supported 2 x 800W
Rated current max. 10
Remote control the Tuya Smart application
Working distance via the Internet
Frequency Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Wireless Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Material abs
Color White
size 86 X 86 X 43 mm
Weight 86 g
Moisture 10% - 90%
Working temperature -10 ~ +60°
Other Rebound technology
The package contains
Smart switch Yes
Smart relay
User manual Yes

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EU Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity EN, DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, RO Link
EU User manual User-Manual-PNI-Socket-Switch-RO-EN-DE Link