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PNJ RJ45 plug for UTP Cat5 cable set 10 pcs

PNJ RJ45 plug for UTP Cat6 cable set 10 pcs

PNJ RJ45 plug for UTP Cat6 cable set 10 pcs
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Easy to install

The Ethernet cable is considered an unparalleled component within any excellent communications network. Cables are customized with varying degrees of shielding, UV, water blocking, chemical, rodent, fire, temperature, flexibility and electrical efficiency.
Any Ethernet Cable solution is as good as the weakest component. In other words, a high-quality cable is easy to beat by a low-quality connector. Similarly, a high-quality connector can not improve the efficiency of a low-quality cable.
This is why
PNI RJ45 will allow technicians to install RJ45 shielded connectors on Cat6 cables with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Compatible with any crimping clamp

Using a crimping clamp allows insertion of threads through connectors and through the front, allowing the technician to easily check the proper wiring order before crimping the connector, thus reducing waste and time.

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