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5000mAh Li-Ion Battery for Hunting Cameras PNI Hunting 845

Battery power cable for hunting cameras, length 1.5m

Battery power cable for hunting cameras, length 1.5m PNI 400C, PNI 350C, PNI 280

PNI Hunting 480C hunting camera, 24MP, with 4G Internet, GPS, SIM included, possibility of storage in the Cloud, 1000 credits included

PNI Hunting 480C 12MP hunting camera with 4G Internet, GPS, SIM
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Hunting camera PNI Hunting 480C 24MP

Cloud storage

The prepaid Cloud function involves paying a loan in advance by bank card or PayPal. Download the Trailcam Ace application, add your camera and choose your preferred data plan, Basic, Premier, Elite or Supreme, each, depending on its cost, includes a certain number of pictures, from 1000 to 10,000 pictures. PNI Hunting 480C comes with a SIM included and 1000 credits (equivalent to 1000 pictures) included . You can also use your SIM. The camera will automatically connect to the 4G network immediately after the SIM is inserted. The Trailcam Ace app also allows for general camera settings, instant picture control, SIM management and available credit.

Compatible with 3G and 4G networks

PNI Hunting 480C is compatible with the 4G network which will ensure a faster data transfer. The camera automatically connects to the network after the SIM is inserted and displays the signal strength on the screen with a bar indicator. In order for the imaging process to work properly, the signal strength must be at least two bars.

Hunting camera PNI Hunting 480C 24MP

Hunting camera PNI Hunting 480C 24MP

Infrared technology

With automatic IR filter and 60 940nm non-glow IR LEDs, the PNI Hunting 480C hunting camera emits a low light spectrum invisible to humans and most animals in low light conditions, thus ensuring the camera, perfect camouflage and a visibility distance of up to 20 meters at night.

High shutter speed

With a shutter speed of 0.4 seconds, the PNI Hunting 480C camera will capture any movement in real time. Thus, you will not miss any detail of the surprising spectacle of wildlife. Equipped with 58 ° angle lens and 52 ° PIR angle you will get maximum 24MP photos with amazing clarity. Other key features: consecutive photos taken at a speed of 1 photo / second, maximum 5 photos, adjustable PIR sensitivity, programmable delay between movements, picture tag, etc.

Hunting camera PNI Hunting 480C 24MP

Hunting camera PNI Hunting 480C 24MP


Due to the camouflage and the technology used, the PNI Hunting 480C camera can be the perfect tool for monitoring areas where a stable power source or an Internet router is not accessible. Therefore, the camera can be powered by batteries (8 AA batteries) or from a 12V external battery and must include a SIM with active data. Under these conditions, you can monitor wildlife, your mountain cottage or animal farm away from the city. The camera will shoot photos only on motion detection, saving energy and "space" on the memory support.

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Product identification
Product code PNI-HUNT480C
Color Camouflage
Producer PNI
Image sensor 5MP color CMOS
Night vision up to 20 m
LENS F = 3.0; FOV = 58 °
LCD screen 2.4 inches
Led IR Yes, 60
Image format JPEG
Video duration
Trigger time 0.4 sec.
Trigger interval 4 sec. - 7 sec.
Operating temperature -26 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
size 95 X 55 X 120 mm
Weight 479 g
feeding 8 AA batteries (R6)
Supported battery type Alkaline or Li-Ion or NiMH batteries
Minimum lighting 0 Lux
Waterproof IP66
Motion sensor Yes
Photo resolution 8MP / 12MP / 24MP
Send images instantly Yes, by application
Mode of operation Photo
Day / night sensor Yes
Distant PIR Up to 20 m
PIR angle 52 °
Burst photos 1 - 5
Remote configuration Yes, through the dedicated smartphone application
Dedicated application TrailCamera Ace
USB Yes, microUSB
Card slot Yes, SD max 32GB
SIM card slot Yes
The package contains
Hunting room Yes
USB-miniUSB cable Yes
Rope grip Yes
GPRS antenna Yes
Clamping strap Yes
4G SIM Yes

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EU User manual User manual EN, IT, RO, ES Link
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