Wireless magnetic contact PNI SafeHouse HS002LR for alarm systems

PNI SafeHouse HS525 wireless flood detector

PNI SafeHouse HS525 wireless flood detector for burglar alarm system

PNI A023LR wireless smoke sensor, compatible with PNI wireless alarm systems

Stand-alone or paired smoke sensor with PNI alarm systems.
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PNI A023LR wireless smoke sensor

Sensitive and intelligent

In our daily life we can cause a fire due to carelessness (such as a forgotten lit cigarette), due to improper maintenance of the electrical system or due to incorrect use of the stove, etc. These actions can create the conditions for a fire to break out. The PNI A023LR detector reacts quickly to the smoke emitted by a smoldering or flaming fire.

The state-of-the-art photoelectric sensor combined with an intelligent and advanced chipset accurately detects dangerous smoke levels in just seconds. The detector constantly checks, by flashing red LEDs every 33 seconds, for the presence of smoke in the room.

Long battery life and automatic check

Low power consumption allows up to 5 years of the included 9V alkaline battery. The detector provides reliable and uninterrupted protection 24/7 so you can sleep safely.

Through the automatic self-test system, the PNI A023LR detector informs you in a timely manner in case of a malfunction of the infrared photoelectric sensor or in case of a discharged battery.

PNI A023LR wireless smoke sensor

PNI A023LR wireless smoke sensor

Certified quality and long-term use

PNI A023LR is made of flame retardant ABS+PC plastic material, which can withstand high temperatures. The dustproof design ensures detector sensitivity to reduce false alarms. The long-life buzzer alerts you with a loud 85 decibel alarm when smoke has been detected.

Easy installation : No wiring is required as the PNI A023LR battery powered smoke detector is easy to install with the included screws and mounting bracket, or simply use double-sided tape to effortlessly install the detector on the ceiling.

Stand-alone or associated with an alarm system

The PNI A023LR smoke sensor can be used independently or together with a burglar alarm system, using wireless communication with signals in the 433MHz frequency. Press the test button to send a signal to the alarm system to pair these two devices.

Wireless smoke sensor PNI A023LR

Video presentation

The PNI A023LR smoke sensor UK

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The package contains
Battery 9V
Instructions for use Yes
Smoke sensor Yes
Product identification
Producer PNI
Product code PNI-LRS023
Color White
Accessory type Smoke sensor
Motion detector features
LED alarm
Operating temperature
Smoke sensor features
feeding 9V battery
Radio frequency 433MHz
Emission power 0.1W
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C
size Ø105 x 30 mm
Surface detection up to 20 sqm
Acoustic warning Yes, 85dB
Warning light Yes, with LED

Lang Type Name Link
EU10 Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity EU9 Link
EU10 User manual User manual EU10 Link
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