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PNI Finger 300 biometric access control system with password, fingerprint reader and electromagnetic card


Biometric clock and PNI access control system Face 400 with fingerprint reader, facial recognition and card

Biometric clock and access control PNI Finger 700 with fingerprint reader and card, free soft included

Biometric clock and access control PNI Finger 700 with fingerprint reader and card
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Biometric clocking system

Time and access control terminal

PNI Finger 700 is a biometric clock and access control system with fingerprint reader and electromagnetic card.

Integrated WiFi mode

The PNI Finger 700 can connect to the Internet via WiFi, allowing remote control of the device through dedicated software.

PNI Finger 700 with fingerprint reader and card

Biometric clocking system

Software included

Time and access control software will provide: employee management, scheduler and job shifts, recording overtime and delays, etc.

Benefits of the electronic time tracking system

- Accurate record of time actually worked for all employees
- Eliminate the issue of delays, absences
- Eliminate presence requirements
- Get accurate pay reports

Biometric clocking system and PNI Fi access control

Access control system

Access control

Integrated with the access control system (electromagnetic ya) PNI Finger 700 allows access restrictions in certain areas.

Electronic timekeeping kit according to GEO no. 53/2017

The employer has the obligation to keep records of the hours worked daily by each employee, highlighting the starting and ending hours of the work schedule, and to subject the labor inspectors to this, whenever this is required.

Video presentation

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Product Identification
Manufacturer PNI
Product code PNI-FP700
Color Black
General characteristics
Facial identification Not
The fingerprint reader Yes
Memory fingerprints 3000 fingerprints
Memory transactions 50000 transactions
communications TCP / IP
USB-Host 1 x USB2.0
Power supply 12V / 1.5A
Operating temperature -25 ~ + 55 ° C
dimensions 186 x 138 x 43.6 mm
Screen 2.8 "TFT LCD
Material ABS
Card reader Yes
Memory cards 3000 cards
Access control connection Yes
Wifi mode Yes, 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b / g / n
The package contains
Identification unit Yes
CD software Yes
CA connection cables Yes
Mounting accessories Yes
Proximity card Yes
Power Yes

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